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Welcome to the Installatron install wizard! This wizard will guide you through the installation of WordPress.

The install process will add an instance of the selected application to your domain. This will create the files and directories of the software, and a database (if used by the application).
Please select a location to install WordPress.

The location is a combination of a domain and a directory that together determine where the files will be installed and where the application will be viewed in a web browser after installation.
! PHP for the selected domain has failed.

Installatron is unable to install to a domain where PHP is not working.

Your hosting provider can help you resolve this error.

Error code: 1; HTTP code: 500
Directory (Optional)
The domain and directory selected above represent a URL (a web page link) and also a physical path on the server's hard drive, both of which are shown here:
Select the version of WordPress to install.
The end user license agreement outlines how the software may be used, and can include rules on commercial use, modification, and distribution, along with information on pay-for versions of the application.
Automatically backup and update the installed application immediately as new versions become available.

Updates execute between midnight and 6AM server time, the created backup is automatically restored if the update fails, and email notifications are sent with the result of each update.

After 14 days the created backup automatically expires and is deleted to free disk space. However, prior to expiration the created backup can be retained by selecting the option from your "My Backups" tab.
Automatic Update
WordPress Plugin Automatic Update
WordPress Theme Automatic Update
These settings allow you to customize and personalize this installed application.

The values set can be modified later within Installatron or within the installed application.
Administrator Username
Administrator Password
Strength: Strong
Administrator Email
Website Title
Website Tagline
Enable Multi-site?
Limit Login Attempts?
Configure additional settings for the installed application. The values set can be modified later within Installatron.

These settings include controls for:
  • Database Management
  • Email Notification
  • Default Backup Location
  • Automatic Backup
Advanced Setting Management